Ready to arrange and grow?

Each class begins and ends with a mindfulness exercise that you will be encouraged to practice daily at home.  After learning the fundamentals of color theory, how to prep and care for flowers - including how to shop, cut and clean - you will be guided through arranging your own gorgeous creation.  The flowers and mindfulness exercises will always change, making no two experiences alike, but how you feel at the end will remain the same ... focused, steady, and of course, relaxed.  Enjoy photos from recent classes and events and read what others have to say!



Let’s Bloom!

90 minute Experience

Guests will arrange one custom bouquet 



Snatch a Bunch!

Three hour Experience

Guests will  Arrange one custom bouquet  + one hand-tied wreath or flower crown



Mini But Mighty!

don't have 90 minutes? Benefit from this bite-sized experience.  baby steps, we get it.


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