Relax It's Flowers Combines flower arranging with several skills used to practice mindfulness. Designed to Focus All your energy on the present moment, this thoughtful and creative experience will help you Turn off autoPilot + shift your thoughts and attention to what truly matters.  Mindfulness Never Looked so beautiful.


Most days we don’t remember getting from our slippers to spin class, let alone what we read, heard or saw on the way.  But there’s a different way to approach life and it’s much more than a trendy buzzword. The proven benefits of practicing mindfulness are endless and scientists are starting to connect its regular practice to stress reduction, treating heart disease, lowering chronic pain, improving sleep habits and more.

There are many ways to practice mindfulness, but arranging flowers creates the perfect environment for spending uninterrupted time on a task that is both repetitive and creative. Using both hands, which makes it that much harder to reach for your phone, it requires a lot of care and attention, eliminating temptation to let thoughts wander.  In the end, with an armful of beauties, you're focused, steady and relaxed.  Learn more.


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