It was the most wonderful time of the year and making hand-tied wreaths at bar bandini (told you we’d be back!) made it even more special.


despite what the sign says, the vibe inside girlboss hQ is chill. don’t get us wrong, they are working hard and inspired us to hustle more, but they made time to arrange and grow with us.


We were Tickled yellow to spend a lunch hour with the groovy gang at ban.Do.  the space is immediately welcoming and endlessly inspiring.  we brought the sunshine (with yellow blooms) and, led by the fearless Jen Gotch, these guys provided enough smiles to warm our hearts on a 'may gray day.' #HIFROMBANDO


Our friends at Bar Bandini Played gracious hosts at their sun filled location in echo park. we can’t wait to be back - perhaps for a hand-tied-wreath event this winter?


Social Butterflies on W.3rd easily combined all our favorites - flowers, mindfulness and retail therapy.


Overlooking the trees below, this Sophisticated yet serene dining room proved to be a choice spot to arrange and grow on a saturday in May.


filled with rosemary, Lavender, basil and Angel Trumpets, this charming backyard was the perfect spot for a Sunday afternoon class.


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